Experience & Independence

Wealth Advisor

As a fiduciary, we pride ourselves on delivering insightful and unbiased holistic investment advice, attuned to the markets and the specific needs of our clients.

We employ a consultative process to understand our clients’ needs and deliver customized solutions, as we advocate for our client’s interests.

We often serve as our clients' personal CFO in order to provide customized and holistic financial advice.

Because we don’t take commissions, our investment, financial planning, and wealth stewardship advice is objective.

Institutional Quality Investing

The foundation of our investing is informed by rigorous financial science. We are influenced by the evidence of academic studies from leading financial research on risk, diversification, asset allocation, and factors of performance and investor psychology.

We are long-term investors informed by proprietary secular capital market expectations, yet managed tactically for cyclical risks, opportunities, and themes.

We create a personalized Investment Policy with some clients, with a multiple asset class investment framework for most clients – which we actively manage and monitor with our own capital market research - informed by our ongoing consultation with leading investment authorities globally.

When appropriate we provide a goals-based investing approach, as well as investing for sustainability and social impact in consultation with clients.

Family Office Services

Family offices exist to serve the complex wealth needs of multi-generational families. Our approach provides clients a concierge team of experienced investment, financial planning, wealth stewardship, and administrative support to monitor and manage their financial lives. Key areas of our focus are:

  • Total Wealth Technology Platform

  • Investment Sourcing, Monitoring and Management

  • Tax and Estate Plan Coordination

  • Financial Planning

  • Philanthropy

  • Reporting

  • Administration Duties

  • Family Mission, Values and Meetings

Limited Clientele

We limit the number of clients we serve, in order to provide the highest level of concierge service and proactive advice.

We've designed our service to allow for thoughtful, proactive advice - as well as the capacity to be highly responsive.


Our client family wealth extends beyond finances. We have created two innovative programs that protect and grow the human and intellectual capital of our clients, ensuring the protection and growth of their financial capital.

Capitalize is a series of engaging family meetings – that we have designed to enrich the potential of client’s family mission, purpose, and opportunities.

Embark is a program of guided life-travel for young people to network, grow in personal and financial stewardship, learn philanthropy, and explore their own world of opportunities.


We strive to deliver on the many benefits of an objective advisor – by adhering to our guiding values:

  • Strive to serve the client’s interests as a fiduciary

  • Adhere to high standards of ethics and confidentiality

  • Practice life-long learning to ensure timely, informed thought leadership and trenchant views

  • Provide proactive education and advice, custom-tailored to each client

  • Partner with families for life as a promise of commitment and service

  • Serve only a select few families to ensure exceptional service and results


Clients want to know the value their advisors can provide them. Recent Vanguard research shows that advisors may add up to 3% of value in net portfolio returns over time.

This value-add is derived from suitable asset allocation, attention to investment expenses, tax efficiency, portfolio rebalancing, and behavioral coaching with a financial plan.

Our added services of financial planning, insurance and estate audits, and family meetings could also increase the value proposition for many clients.

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