Cliff Notes - Complexifier

February 12, 2019

In This Week's Update:

  • Jeff Bezos made up a new word to describe the status of his current affair of supposed international intrigue involving his cloak-n-dagger guys following the National Enquirer following him dabbling with Hollywood-types of the female persuasion.  
  • But he might of well have been describing capital markets, which have seen the S&P 500 stock market shoot up to its 200 day moving average, while bond yields are falling, following news of the crucial upcoming US-China trade talks, US Gov Shutdown 2.0 (or is it 17.0), and continued slowing global growth.  Complexifiers indeed!
  • So far in 2019 we’ve retraced more than half the decline of the late 2018 market decline,  with the best January in a decade, and Jeff is half as rich but still the richest – so it all ain’t half bad.  Things should be interesting in February.
Cliff Notes Complexifiers 2 11 2019