Business Valuation & Transition

Collaboration & Execution

Let Consilium help you develop a plan to sell your business when you want, for the money you need, to the person you choose. 

Transitions are often the culmination of a lifetime of work.  Exit planning requires expert counsel on business operations, strategy, finance, buyout scenarios, taxes, estate and personal financial planning, personal investing, succession planning, and communication strategies.

The process may be unfamiliar territory for many business owners. We are ready to put our experience to work in a collaborative relationship, that we break down into 7 manageable steps that accomplishes all your goals.

Consilium has over twenty years of valuation, transition planning, and personal financial planning experience with owners and companies of all sizes, across dozens of industries.

Business Transitions

Our consulting services address the following areas:

Business Valuation

Competitive Analysis

Development of Key Performance Indicators

Leadership Assessment & Development

Operational Improvement

Governance Strategies

Sale Preparation & Execution Collaboration

Management & Ownership Succession

Sale Advice to 3rd Parties, Employees, ESOP's

Transition Strategies

Communication Strategies

Conflict Resolution Strategies

Strategic Planning

Family Meetings

Value Optimization & Tax Considerations

Personal Estate Planning Structuring

Personal Investment Management

Consilium helps clients plan and execute a thoughtful transition strategy – that maximizes your wealth, minimizes your taxes, prepares a strong foundation for your successors, and sets a sustainable vision for the next stage of your life.