Business Transitions

Collaboration & Execution

Transitions are often the culmination of a lifetime of work,

and the most important financial decision of a lifetime.

The process may be unfamiliar territory for many business owners.


Our planning helps accomplish all your goals.

Let Consilium help you develop a plan to sell your business when you want, for the money you need, to the person you choose.

Business Transitions

Our consulting services address the following areas:

How Much Wealth Do You Need?

When Do You Want to Leave?

Who Do You Want to Sell To?

Project Business & Personal Asset Values

Operational Improvement

Governance Strategies

Sale Preparation & Execution Collaboration

Management & Ownership Succession

Sale Advice to 3rd Parties, Employees, ESOP's

Transition Strategies

Communication Strategies

Conflict Resolution Strategies

Strategic Planning

Family Meetings

Value Optimization & Tax Considerations

Personal Estate Planning Structuring

Personal Investment Management

Consilium helps clients plan and execute a thoughtful transition strategy – that maximizes your wealth, minimizes your taxes, prepares a strong foundation for your successors, and sets a sustainable vision for the next stage of your life.