Financial Planning

Holistic & Collaborative

We provide comprehensive, integrated financial planning advice.

Financial Planning Points

Goals-Based Sustainability Analysis

We collaborate with clients to understand and manage the sustainability of their life’s financial needs and goals from wealth and income production against their probabilities of expected wealth returns and spending throughout all their stages of life.

College Planning/Aid

We provide analysis and advice on college funding and financial aid within each client’s unique financial picture, utilizing projected college cost estimates via live-links from all US and international colleges and universities globally – matched against projected returns from college fund investments.

Credit Review

We assess client’s current credit profile, term structures, and quality of relationships against projected income, leverage, and credit needs and opportunities. We perform assessments of potential funding needs client’s may encounter. An example of this planning is our development of contingency plans for client’s who are guarantors for the debts of others. We also review for prudent leverage opportunities, or conversely, pay-down scenario plans based on each client’s unique profile and needs.

Insurance Review

We review Life, Disability, Long Term Care, Property, Umbrella, Medical Policies, Key Person/Business Continuance to assess asset protection levels, income replacement plans, and wealth transfer planning. We evaluate benefit levels, cost effectiveness and proper ownership and beneficiary designations of existing policies. We collaborate with client’s insurance experts to share information and improve advice.

Tax Review

We review our client’s annual tax returns to gain an understanding of their overall tax scenario and establish a tax planning baseline. We review common tax issues with client’s including underpayment penalties, overpayment of estimated taxes, investment income, recognition of compensation income, and tax planning for their portfolios. Client tax rates are incorporated into their Retirement Game Plan scenarios. We collaborate with client’s tax experts to share information and improve collective advice.

Estate Planning

We take a holistic approach towards achieving our client’s goals for their estate planning. We start by determining if existing plans mirror current wishes and needs.

We serve as a liaison with client’s estate attorney if estate plans need to be revised, and ensure that any additional engagement with the attorney is on point thus reducing cost.

We help prepare named Executors and Beneficiaries for their coming roles.

Client Philanthropy

We assist clients by helping them formulate a philanthropic plan that will produce the most impact and achieve their goals. We help determine the most tax efficient forms and structures of giving. We help families engage all their members toward philanthropy.

Client Longevity/Aging

We have an ElderCare program. From recognizing and implementing elder needs, to planning for medical and support services within a customized financial plan.

Comprehensive financial planning
helps target one of the best goals:
your peace of mind.